Be hungry: Identify your motivating factors and keep growing

By Melissa Bergkamp, Generation Next Governor-at-Large
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This article was originally published in the October 2018 issue of Generation Next Edition.

What motivates you personally and professionally? What pushes you forward, pushes you to improve? Do you hunger for success, fulfillment, faith, financial stability, physical strength and endurance or personal growth?

With thousands of resources, books and how-tos on motivation, keeping it simple always speaks to me best. Recently I came across a mental health article from Men’s Journal highlighting four tips to stay motivated.

Ask yourself what really pushes you – identify a goal, create a checklist and implement a strategy to keep you motivated, applying each of the following tips to hold you accountable along the way.

1. Set up a schedule
Implementing a feasible schedule is critical. There is no value in adding one more item to your to-do list, if you are already aware you can’t achieve the current list. You may have to sacrifice other tasks or rearrange meetings to make it possible, but if you are truly driven to accomplish your goal, you will make the time. Use this mindset to keep you accountable. You will have setbacks, and unexpected turns, but getting back on schedule will help you forge ahead.

2. Keep your eye on the prize
Is your goal fairly significant? Make marginal adjustments – potentially breaking down goals into steps that seem reachable. These steps will act as smaller goals, allowing you to have more “wins” to keep inspiring you along the way. This break down approach will also help you stay on track for timely progress, offering a sense of achievement earlier in the game.

3. Recognize you’re not perfect

Striving toward any goal will likely have motivational ebb and flow. Continuous drive undoubtedly requires self-discipline and mental toughness. There will be periods when progress seems to plateau, and a sense of failure may exist. Often times this stagnant period will ultimately provide momentum. Overcoming a halt and finding inspiration to keep going and rise to your next small goal will deliver you yet another win.

4. Make sure you’re happy

Can you find enjoyment in the process of reaching your goal? If you dislike every step of the way, you may need more than motivation to achieve your objective. You may need to reconsider if the end goal will provide you overall satisfaction.

If your goal makes you happy, motivation will come natural – even with ups and downs.

Be Hungry

Identify your motivating factors, recognize your passion, set your goal and let your natural enthusiasm build you up.

Don’t settle for status quo. Don’t become complacent. Be hungry.

Read the article from Men's Journal.