Member testimonials

"The technical services offered are very helpful. The staff has proven very knowledgeable and willing to quickly answer any questions."
Steve Bloomstrand
Rocket Supply Corp. (Roberts, IL)
Manufacturer member since 1996

"It is readily apparent to me that the NTEA is responding to the many industry changes that affect us with new programs and new strategic focus."
Brett Collins
Collins Associates, Inc., Venco/Venturo Div. (Cincinnati, OH)
Manufacturer member since 1964

"The NTEA is one central source of information for the industry. My personal library."
Sammy Osbourn
Mateco Truck Equipment (Houston, TX)
Distributor member since 1984

"The number-one reason my company maintains its membership with the NTEA is to have contact with an Association that cares about our industry and is here to serve our industry."
Philip Clifford
H. A. Dehart & Son (Thorofare, NJ)
Distributor member since 1984

"The NTEA stays on the leading edge as concerns our industry. It's easy to think we can maintain the status quo, but the NTEA pushes me to 'forward think.'"
John Murray
General Truck Equipment (Jacksonville, FL)
Distributor member since 1974

"The rate of change in the industry is increasing and the NTEA supplies the information we need."
Frank Petrasek
Georgia Power Company (Forest Park, GA)
Associate member since 1986

"The NTEA has added a number of very beneficial programs over the years that have helped us develop our business and train our employees better, programs that on our own we would not have time to do. We feel that the money we pay in dues is well spent. The cost/value of our membership is worth it."
Bill Roland Jr.
NBC Truck Equipment Inc. (Roseville, MI)
Distributor member since 1976