Staying engaged in the digital world

Published in March 2021 Fleet Affiliation

Now, more than ever, we’re operating in a virtual world — and staying connected with the commercial vehicle community requires new strategies and tactics. While our new normal won’t last forever, society will continue to embrace virtual offerings and innovative ways of doing business. Therefore, it’s important to stay informed and engaged with the industry and your peers, no matter the current reality or communication method.

That being said, traditional historical challenges remain, and likely aren’t going anywhere. Shrinking budgets and the continual drive to become leaner — among other things — are still significant areas of focus. One thing to remember, though, when addressing these issues, is to maintain one of your most intangible, yet invaluable, resources — intellectual capital. With the every-increasing need for tighter budgets and more efficient operations, there can be a natural tendency to eliminate expenditures that do not bring immediate cost savings or returns on investment. Whether in the form of processes, employee knowledge or business relationships, it’s a vital asset.

Harnessing success
It’s critical to make the most out of your time and budget. The work truck industry continues to grow and evolve, and new technologies and government regulations are introduced almost every day. To be successful in keeping pace with change, you need information and training. While most tradeshows have shifted to a virtual platform for the past year, they remain essential. It’s important to emphasize to upper management — and yourself — the returns tradeshow attendance can bring to the organization.

Work Truck Week 2021 (WTW21), held March 8–12, offered key educational opportunities for vocational fleets. If you were unable to attend live, it’s not too late to access product listings from 300+ exhibitors, work truck industry-specific sessions and OEM updates, and expert insights on the path to zero emissions. WTW21 on-demand runs through April 9, so if you haven’t already, I encourage you to visit to learn more.

Building Better Vehicle Spec’s is among the fleet-centric sessions featured at WTW21. As specifications are the groundwork for the vehicle that’s ultimately delivered, it’s important to be involved in the spec’ing process. As a fleet professional, your input is critical — you are in the best position to understand how equipment is actually used. Following a logical approach, and knowing which user groups to interact with can help ensure you receive the most efficient equipment — both functionally and financially. This WTW21 course overviews how changing elements — such as materials, technology and products — in your work truck spec’s can be a solid foundation for future fleet improvements.