Hoist - Conversion Hoist

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Rating Statement

The hoists listed in this section were classified by comparing the performance curve of the hoist to a set of standard performance curves through the complete lift cycle of 45 degrees. Performance range determinations and ton capacity listings were calculated using the following criteria:

  1. Liquid level, nondiminishing load
  2. Minimum dump angle of 45 degrees
  3. Body overhang of 0 and 18 inches

Performance Range Criteria

  Minimum Breakaway
Torque (inch-pounds)
A   200,000
B   400,000
C   700,000
D   1,100,000
E   1,500,000
F   2,100,000
G   2,600,000
H   3,400,000
J   4,400,000
K   5,400,000
L   6,400,000