The Future of NGVs — New Technologies, Innovations and Advancements on the Road Ahead

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Wednesday, March 2, 8–9:15 a.m. 
Session Sponsor: NGVAmerica 

NGVAmericaNatural gas-powered vehicles continue to play an important role in providing low-cost, low-carbon, reliable energy sources for fleets across a variety of applications and duty cycles. Continued advancements in engine technology, onboard storage, components and dispensers must keep up with consumer demand to continue growing the natural gas vehicle marketplace. This session will provide a look into the future by key leaders from the companies directly involved with technology development in these areas.

Presented by: John Barker, Regional Sales Manager, ANGI Energy Systems; Dan Bowerson, Director, Technology & Development, NGVAmerica; Brad Douville, Vice President, Westport; and Rob Neitzke, President, Cummins-Westport