How does your company's performance compare?

The annual Distributor Financial Benchmarking Survey conducted by Profit Planning Group (PPG) is underwritten by NTEA as a benefit to our members and the industry as a whole. We encourage Distributor and Distributor branch members to participate. Survey deadline extended to Friday, June 23, 2017.

Why is participation so important?

In short: the larger the sample size, the better a population's aggregate data is represented. A sufficiently large size is necessary to produce results among variables that are different. This forms a better picture for analysis delivered in the overall Report - and provides meaningful data for individual companies' benchmarking results.

How will my company benefit?

By spending a little time completing the Survey, you can receive an analysis of your company's operating and performance metrics as compared to industry averages.
Participants receive free of charge:
  • 2017 Distributor Financial Benchmarking Report - Financial and operating profiles of participating truck equipment distributors.
  • Customized Performance Analysis Report - A confidential report, sent directly to you from PPG, that compares your company to similar participating organizations. View a sample of the full Report.
  • Profit Dashboard - An online financial analysis and planning tool.

How do we get started?​

You need only return the completed Survey (or just the first portion, along with your financial statements) to PPG, by June 23, 2017. Download the Survey.
Participation is free, simple, and confidential.


If you have any questions about the Survey, process or PPG, call 303-444-6212 or visit For all other questions, please contact NTEA Electronic Media Communications Manager Laura Heidrich at 248-479-8910 or 

Sample PAR
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