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Market Data and Industry Statistics

The NTEA is a recognized leader in providing relevant and valuable industry statistics and interpretation of market data and trends which affect the work truck industry. The NTEA offers complete and continually updated information and insights, including:

  • OEM Monthly Chassis Report – features insightful analysis into the most current monthly box-off truck chassis and commercial van shipments and sales data provided to NTEA by chassis OEMs.
  • Monthly Market Data Updates – includes reports and analysis from NTEA and other sources on industry influencers including monthly metals prices, housing starts, fuel prices, and additional box-off sales and shipment data. As a benefit of NTEA membership, monthly reports are available to members only.
  • Market Intelligence Articles – NTEA's comprehensive library of market intelligence articles provide analysis of relevant market data and what it means to your business.
  • Quarterly Commercial Vehicle Report – The NTEA presents the IHS Automotive Driven by Polk: Quarterly Commercial Vehicle Reports. As a benefit to members, the NTEA has negotiated an agreement that allows for the posting of the Report to our website.
  • Executive Leadership Summit — The annual Executive Leadership Summit offers key insights into relevant global economic forces, political realities and possibilities, and timely business issues that can directly impact your company today and in the near future. Find out valuable insights which can support your strategic planning efforts by minimizing risk and improving profitability, and gain perspective on anticipated truck technologies and developments.
  • Annual U.S. Commercial Truck Industry Forecast – Detailed chart provided by top-rated economic analysis and consulting firm IHS Global Insight, predicts future gross domestic product growth for retail commercial truck sales. As a benefit of NTEA membership, this resource is available to members only.
  • Presentations from Polk’s Connections for the Automotive Aftermarket & Commercial Vehicle Industries Event – Powerpoint presentations delivered at Polk’s annual automotive aftermarket & commercial vehicle event. Provided by Polk as a benefit of NTEA membership, login credentials are required to access this resource.

Market and competitive intelligence is invaluable to your decision-making and business planning and helps you: 

  • Understand your market (existing and potential customers)
  • Determine current and future needs and preferences, attitudes and behavior of the market
  • Assess changes in the business environment that may affect the size and nature of the future market

Market Data Snapshot

Macroeconomic Measures
How does the above data impact your business?
Additional insights are available in this month’s Executive Summary and Look Ahead.

Market Data Products Available Online

Visit Shop NTEA for more information on these best-selling market data resources:

Annual Manufacturers' Shipments Survey

Be sure to participate in the NTEA’s Annual Manufacturers’ Shipments Survey (AMSS). Participation in this survey is voluntary, but encouraged for all Manufacturer members.

All participants are able to see all reported industry data, not just data for the segments in which you report. If you are interested in this survey, please contact NTEA Market Data and Research Director Steve Latin-Kasper at 248-479-8193 (Direct), 800-441-6832, ext. 193 (Toll-Free) to ensure the right personnel in your company are involved in this beneficial process.

Market Data & Industry Statistics