Lease or Capital Purchase — Identifying the Best Option for Fleets

Wednesday, March 4, 8:00AM–9:15AM

Negotiating the price for vehicles and equipment is only one cost point in your total supply chain. This course will walk you through the vehicle supply chain from beginning to end and highlight opportunities to reduce overall acquisition costs for vehicles and equipment. Attendees will also learn about various lease options to help identify the optimal mix of funding choices for their fleet. 

Gain information on:

  • Determining the scope of your supply chain
  • Methodologies for specification development
  • Comparison of vehicle acquisition channels
  • Avoiding failure points along the supply chain
  • Understanding the differences between capital leases and operating leases

Presented by: Steve Carey, CAE, Executive Director, NTEA (Farmington Hills, MI); Bill Doman, Department Head Sales Support, ARI (Mount Laurel, NJ); and Partha Ghosh, Director of Supply Chain Management, ARI (Mount Laurel, NJ)

Work Truck Show 2015 Educational Sessions