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Parts and Service Marketing: Making a Difference

Tuesday, March 4, 8:30AM–11:30AM

The dramatic changes that have taken place over the past 10 years, and those ahead, demand a more  

Ron Slee 
Ron Slee
professional, productive and profitable product support operation. This session will review six key elements to help your company effectively build a parts and service marketing plan.

  • The Service Focus Customer service is no longer a fad; it has become serious business. Explore the various aspects of customer service and learn ways to improve your skills.
  • Defining Customers Today, the word “customer” has become a broad and generic description of who we serve. Utilizing a broad array of categories, learn how to better and more completely define customers in each of your company’s market segments.
  • Customer Relations Customer expectations must be understood and shaped. When, why and how can these expectations be changed in order to provide systems, procedures, methods, tools and training that will effectively meet customer needs? Satisfying expectations requires internal excellence in every aspect of your business.
  • Designing Service Excellence Understanding who your customers are and what they require is critical in designing service excellence. People perform services, build and satisfy expectations, and create the perception of a difference.
  • Customer Loyalty Strong products or services are central to customer loyalty — and creating and maintaining that loyalty must be a company-wide commitment. Learn the tools and methods you can use to create, develop and retain loyalty.
  • Measuring and Managing Success Long-term behavior is a critical factor in understanding the return on investment from parts and service marketing initiatives. Clear goals, measurement criteria and profit targets must be constantly reviewed and adjusted to adapt programs to changing customer needs and expectations.

Presented by: Ron Slee, President, R.J. Slee & Associates (Rancho Mirage, CA)

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