Manufacturers Sales Representatives Council (MSRC)

The Manufacturers Sales Representatives Council (MSRC) was formed as an NTEA affiliate division in December 2010. Benefits of MSRC membership include training and education to build members’ management skills. The MSRC also encourages and promotes the use of its members to industry manufacturers. Story in NTEA News

MSRC Officers:
President • Tim Cherry, Cherry Sales Associates Inc.
Vice President • John Weir, H&W Marketing
Treasurer • Pat O'Connell, J.J. O'Connell Co Inc

Member Companies

NTEA Secretary: Steve Latin-Kasper, NTEA director of market data and research 

How to Join:
Membership is open to any NTEA member - individual, propriertorship, partnership or corporation - involved in the sales representation of manufacturing firms in the truck equipment industry.To Join, download the membership application and return to NTEA. For more information, contact Membership Committee Chairman Bill Coyne at 612-747-8649 or NTEA Secretary Doyle Sumrall at 330-283-2176.

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