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Through its government relations offices in Washington, DC, and Ottawa, Ontario, the Association protects and advances member interests by actively working with Congress, the White House, Parliament and federal agencies. Dedicated NTEA staff monitor and report legislative and regulatory activities, as well as lobby on behalf of the work truck industry. Members are kept apprised of key initiatives and calls to action. 

  • In January 2015, the 114th Congress took office with an altered Senate majority, and just before this transition, a new administrator was sworn in for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. These events have provided NTEA with opportunities to discuss industry issues and concerns with many new representatives.

  • NTEA continued informally meeting with regulators on plans to amend the first set of fuel efficiency and greenhouse gas emission standards for medium- and heavy-duty trucks. The government's proposed rules are expected to be published in the summer and will enable the Association to formally comment. 

  • The Association maintained efforts with Congress to pass short-term legislation for highway funding, pushing for a multi-year law that finds more sustainable revenue sources. NTEA is working to educate members of Congress on issues associated with Federal Excise Tax (FET) on heavy-duty trucks. An NTEA-supported Congressional resolution has been introduced, requesting a freeze on FET increases.
  • NTEA, and its Green Truck Association affiliate division, support increased funding for Department of Energy research on advanced fuel savings technologies and alternative fuels for trucks. The Association has worked with Congress to refine the proposed Advanced Vehicle Technology Act and reintroduce it in 2015 as the Vehicle innovation Act.
  • NTEA's Canadian office serves the North American work truck industry. Association representatives have met with members of Parliament, as well as high-level regulators from Transport Canada and Environment Canada, along with U.S. Embassy officials. In Toronto, Association members met with the U.S. Counsel General to discuss cross-border trade issues.

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For more information regarding legislative and regulatory lobbying or analysis of pending legislation and regulations, please contact NTEA Managing Director Mike Kastner at or 202-552-1600.

Articles of interest
Each month, the NTEA produces and distributes via email Washington Update, an informative and timely e-newsletter which provides critical updates on legislative and regulatory activities relevant to the work truck industry. 

Members interested in receiving this free enewsletter can send a request here or call 800-441-6832.

Regulatory and legislative activity