SWS Safety Warning Lights Inc. introduces new Snow Plow Emergency Warning Light package


SWS Safety Warning Lights Inc (Niagara Falls, Ontario) announced their newly-developed Snow Plow Emergency Warning Light Package for fleet and municipality vehicles.

This advancement in winter visibility and safety was developed with the help of the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO) after committing to continually ensuring that provincial highways are among the safest in the North American. In 2013, MTO started a study to determine best practices of viability and recognition of snow removal equipment and vehicles. The research was multi-staged, beginning with a review of previous research and literature, particularly studies of light used by police and firefighter vehicles. The research determined that LED lights are most effective because they product the greatest viability, while the strobe lights are least effective, while they can grab a drivers attention quickly, they do not enable motorists to identify the source of the light effectively.

The SWS Snow Plow Package uses the latest LED technology that automatically determines ambient light and self-dims the brightness when needed. The fully encapsulated, corrosion resistant electronics are fully synchronizable with an overall low current draw of 5.5 amps. The quick connect system provides easy installation and with numerous color combinations for state by state regulations.

For more information, visit swssafety.com.

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