Prime Design introduces DeployPro upgrade and PrimeTime


Prime Design (a Safe Fleet brand) (West St. Paul, Minnesota) introduced DeployPro™ to improve safety and increase productivity with the Lock-N-Go ladder clamping system. The company also announced PrimeTime, an express-ship program.

The optional DeployPro™ upgrade replaces the standard cam buckle straps and provides a strong, lockable, method for securing ladders to the DeployPro™ system. With Lock-N-Go, ladders stay safely in place while your fleet is on the GO! It’s fast, easy operation helps reduce the time spent storing and removing ladders from DeployPro™.

Products eligible for PrimeTime include ErogRack, AluRack, Rear Door Access Ladder, and Conduit Carriers. These products are now ready to ship within 48 hours of order receipt. 

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