Flaps Up introduces automatic lift system


Flaps Up (Annapolis, Maryland) introduced the patented FLAPS-UP® automatic mud flap lift system, designed with the fleet and owner/operator in mind. Benefits include safety, saves time replacing flaps and money. All components are manufactured from the highest quality materials in the United States.

Other than being able to operate the system without leaving the comfort of your cab, other benefits include:

  • Eliminate worker compensation claims due to the mud flap installation or usage
  • Save money on cost of mud flaps, downtime and installation costs
  • Eliminate traffic citations for mud flaps due to missing or improper length
  • Increased load counts
  • Decreased wasted fuel for truck and loading equipment
  • Mud flaps cannot climb on top of the tires
  • Broken windshield claims are a thing of the past
  • Adaptable to various truck bodies – such as dump or cement mixers
  • Mounds under the dump body where it’s easily accessible
  • Easy transferable when your lease expires
  • Adaptable to different length mud flaps
  • Manufactured in USA

​For more information, visit flaps-ups.com.

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