Recap: The Work Truck Show® 2017

By Andrew Dawson, Generation Next Chairman
Manager, Marketing and Advertising, Muncie Power Products, Inc.

This article was originally published in the March 2017 issue of Generation Next Edition.

“Wow!” I believe we all say this word every year after this very busy show ends. And this year is no different, as it was another great show hosted by NTEA – and one of the best, and busiest, years for Generation Next at the event. 

My purpose in writing this article is to give you insight as to what is available to you at the Show as a member of Generation Next, and also to give you some insight into what your Board of Governors does onsite.

Saying goodbye and welcoming new Board members

For the Board of Governors, the WTS is always a bittersweet time as the Show serves as our annual kick-off meeting for new Board terms. It’s here that we pass the torch to the incoming Chair, welcome new Board members, and say goodbye to good friends whose terms have ended. On that note, I’d like to extend a special “thank you” to our outgoing Chair, Abbie Sack, who provided great leadership during her tenure, and to our other outgoing Board members who volunteered their time.

We also welcomed four new individuals who were elected to serve on the Generation Next Board of Governors. Those individuals are Eric Baker of Muncie Power Products, Will Ballas of The American Road Machinery Company, Steven Farr of Dealers Truck Equipment, and Michael Thompson of Reading Truck Body, LLC. I look forward to serving with each of you.

Activity at WTS17

So what exactly did we do at the show? This year, Generation Next continued to increase its presence. After our annual Board of Governors’ meeting, we held our second Take5 networking event. This year’s event was a big hit thanks to our wonderful hosting environment in the new Wreck Room arcade which was filled with games from our past and present. Not only did I get to spend time networking and building new relationships, I also got to race against fellow members, compete in arcade-style basketball, and participate in some highly underrated foosball. A great atmosphere – and I look forward to the event next year.

Our annual leadership workshop and networking session was held Wednesday, March 15, and featured Joshua Schneider’s discussion: “The New Rules of Engagement.” Joshua encouraged us to think differently, to step back and rethink our approach to better understand how we move forward. Following his session, we invested time in simple networking focused on conversations to get to know our fellow members. Every year I come away with numerous new connections and learn about new companies within our industry.

Our last key event was Amy Hirsh Robinson’s session and panel discussion, “Recruiting and Keeping Millennials.” Generation Next members-at-large and Board of Governors members participated on the panel, which allowed open dialogue with NTEA members interested in working with and retaining millennials.

Members of the Board of Governors also invested time introducing speakers throughout the show, enjoyed a reserved table at the President’s Breakfast where Howie Long and Terry Bradshaw shared their numerous, and hilarious, stories, and also spent time in the NTEA booth recruiting new Gen Next members.

I look forward to serving as your Chair throughout this year, and highly encourage you to reach out, get involved, and eventually pursue election to the Board of Governors. Please connect with us directly or through our social media networks Linkedin and Facebook. 

Thank you for a great show!

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