Ranger Design unveils new generation of Fold-Away shelving at WTS20


Ranger Design launched their new generation of Fold-Away shelving designed primarily for delivery companies. Already a market leader for this product, Ranger decided to raise the bar even higher. After creating many custom shelves for large fleets, they focused all of that knowledge into this cutting-edge line of new Fold-Away.

Designed primarily for delivery companies, the goal to provide them with the most flexible storage space possible. The folding shelves allow the driver to quickly and easily change the configuration of their cargo area, depending on their needs for the day.

To decrease delivery time, each unit is built with a 250 lbs weight capacity to ensure as many packages as possible can be loaded into the van at one time. Not only are these shelves tough but they are also safe. Each shelf has plastic corner caps and a pinch guard to protect the operator.

They have also designed the shelves to stay locked in the up or down position with gas shocks, instead of cables. This eliminates rattles and the need to replace the cables after their warranty has expired. It also reduces the assembly and install time by almost half. The new Fold-Away is fast and simple to install, and also easy to stock as the same parts can be used for multiple units.

Their new generation of Fold-Away shelving allows delivery companies to get the most out of their day in the safest and quickest way possible.

For more information, visit rangerdesign.com.

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