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Vehicle Certification Guide

Vehicle Certificate Guide A Valuable Tool for Manufacturers
Although they are often termed truck equipment “distributors”, many companies in the work truck industry actually operate as “multi-stage manufacturers” meaning they perform manufacturing work on vehicles in various stages of completion prior to their first sale for other than re-sale. The type of work these distributors perform determines if they are “incomplete,” “intermediate” or “final-stage” manufacturers or “vehicle alterers.” Each manufacturing type requires compliance with specific federal motor vehicle certification regulations, including vehicle labeling. This Guide is designed to assist multi-stage manufacturers in meeting those compliance requirements.

The information and examples below summarize common circumstances when multi-stage manufacturers must affix a certification label to a motor vehicle. If you operate as a multi-stage manufacturer, please refer to the complete Vehicle Certification Guide for complete information on motor vehicle certification and labeling requirements.

Members can view the selected examples from the Guide below.

Please note that this Guide was updated in August 2011 and reflects the law and regulations in effect at that time. Congress and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) do make changes to the certification requirements for multi-stage vehicles periodically. Confirm if there have been statutory or regulatory changes since the publication of this Guide that may affect your obligations. Also, please be aware that the applicable statutes and regulations are subject to interpretation by NHTSA and the courts. With this in mind, the NTEA urges all multi-stage manufacturers to confirm their certification obligations with legal counsel.

The Vehicle Certification Guide is $79 for a member and $179 for a non-member. Purchase now