WorkTruckCert celebrates anniversary with enhanced data integration model


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Summer Marrs
Director of Communications & Public Relations

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. (Feb. 18, 2020) — NTEA’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Work Truck Services Inc., celebrated the anniversary of WorkTruckCert, its cloud-based initiative to provide the work truck industry with greater and faster access to industry data. Currently, WorkTruckCert has 320 user companies certifying over 15,000 commercial vehicles. In addition, all required U.S. commercial vehicle certification labeling requirements are currently supported by this tool. 

WorkTruckCert, developed to serve the industry’s need to quickly, easily and efficiently compile and access vehicle data, while improving the certification process, was launched at Work Truck Show 2019. And, Work Truck Services Inc. is expected to provide NTEA with data from WorkTruckCert, so NTEA can provide the industry with aggregated data reports.

“The industry has enthusiastically responded to this new data resource. Vehicle records, representing diversity in both GVW and geographic dispersion, have been submitted,” said Doyle Sumrall, a Work Truck Services director and officer. “The key delineator in the data is the body type associated with the VIN, which for the first time since VIUS data was reported by the 2005 Census, gives the work truck industry insight into actual upfit by GVW. It’s exciting to think NTEA may soon provide the industry with aggregated reports on the upfit population of trucks in use.”

Work Truck Services has partnered with IHS Markit to provide better customer intelligence to the industry. “As a result of collaboration with WorkTruckCert, we will provide the program users complimentary access to fleet size details associated with the VINs they enter into WorkTruckCert,” said Dawn Brusseau, associate director, commercial vehicle solutions for IHS Markit. Supplemental detailed reports, including registration-related data, are available for purchase through IHS Markit.

Given the success of its flagship tool, Work Truck Services Inc. is exploring opportunities to improve the industry’s existing process of gathering and analyzing commercial vehicle upfit configuration vocational data.

Further meaningful data integration, while improving industry access, is the mission of Work Truck Services Inc. In support of this focus, NTEA is researching additional partners to create a more robust vocational database.

“We are excited to announce Work Truck Solutions Inc. and Work Truck Services are exploring a collaboration. Work Truck Solutions has created an industry-recognized market position, supporting commercial vehicle marketing and inventory tracking,” said Sumrall. “They provide a platform for enhancing the connectivity between commercial vehicle buyers and upfitters, equipment manufacturers and commercial vehicle dealerships, which aligns with the needs of the industry and has the ability to further the mission of Work Truck Services.”

“Both organizations believe that through this innovative collaboration, we can accelerate the availability of statistically valid analyses of commercial vehicle trends and applications,” said Kathryn Schifferle, CEO/founder of Work Truck Solutions.

Next steps in the potential partnership will be shared pending review results. Work Truck Services Inc. is dedicated to developing innovative partnerships that enhance work truck data integration, resulting in resources and services that further the advancement of the industry.

About WorkTruckCert
WorkTruckCert is a vocational data resource produced by Truck Certification Services Inc. – a jointly-owned NTEA & Dec-O-Art corporation. In connection with the incorporation of Truck Certification Services Inc., NTEA – The Association for the Work Truck Industry also established a wholly owned subsidiary, Work Truck Services Inc. Founded in 1964, NTEA represents more than 2,100 companies and provides in-depth technical information, education, and member programs and services, and produces The Work Truck Show®.

About Work Truck Solutions 
Work Truck Solutions is the owner of the only comprehensive structured commercial vehicle configurations in North America. Work Truck Solutions has digitized commercial inventory across the work truck industry, cataloging all work-ready truck configurations from manufacture to sale. With this aggregated data, Work Truck Solutions helps automotive dealers connect with buyers and manage inventory, identifies buyers’ pain points throughout the transaction process, and helps increase profits to drive success for commercial vehicle businesses.