2022-2023 NTEA board election

Annually, NTEA members have the opportunity to nominate candidates to serve on the Association’s Board of Directors (nominations closed Sept. 24, 2021). From these recommendations, the Board Development & Recruitment Committee (incumbent Board members) confirms qualified persons and places their names on an election ballot. NTEA Manufacturer and Distributor members will have the opportunity to place their votes in the final election, which opens December 2021. Newly-elected Directors are formally introduced to the general membership at Annual Meeting during Work Truck Week, at which time their terms of service begin. View current Board.

election schedule

  • Nov. 17, 2021     Board confirms final candidates from nominations
  • Dec. 7, 2021       Board election opens
  • Jan. 7, 2022        Last day to vote in election

Candidate qualifications and responsibilities

NTEA’s Board is composed of 13 members — at least two Manufacturer and two Distributor Directors and one Associate Director. Remaining Directors are selected from Manufacturer or Distributor member companies based on their qualifications.

In order to qualify as a candidate, a nominee must be a designated officer (or for entities organized as partnerships or proprietorships, a partner or owner, as applicable) of his or her company. The Board, in its discretion, may waive this requirement.

A candidate shall not qualify as a nominee if, within the year preceding his or her term inception, he/ she (or another employee from an entity under common ownership or control with the candidate’s entity) has served on the Board.

If elected, a nominee must be willing to attend three Board meetings each year of his/her term (held in June, November and March at the Annual NTEA Convention) and be responsible for most expenses incurred, including travel to and from those meetings. NTEA covers travel and lodging expenses for the November meeting.

Each Director must be willing to become involved in committee work. Although most committee meetings are held in conjunction with Board meetings, some work and meetings are required in between. Expenses for committee meetings not held in conjunction with Board meetings will be paid by NTEA.

Jon Sievert, NTEA Board chair, shares his 
Board experience in August 2021 NTEA News.

Newly-elected Directors serve three-year terms and must meet the requirements as specified in NTEA Bylaws (see Article V).