Updated Vehicle Center of Gravity and Axle weight Calculator released

NTEA's new Vehicle Center of Gravity and Axle Weight Calculator is a web-based, interactive tool that provides vehicle specification and weight information. 

When upfitting or modifying a vehicle, these calculations produce information to share with customers, and assist in understanding of Federal Bridge Law information — both in spec’ing prior to purchase and after upfitting is complete. Interactive instructions make this a user-friendly, additional tool for those in your company who are responsible for weight distribution and center of gravity calculations.

Key functions

  • Calculations related to:
    • Weight distribution
    • Axle loads
    • Wheel loads
    • Center of gravity in three axes (x, y and z)
  • Various bodies, equipment and accessory configurations
  • Wheelbase adjustments and axle additions
  • Federal Bridge Law information

Members: Learn how to access the Calculator

This tool is a free NTEA member benefit (login required) — not available for public purchase. NTEA members are encouraged to set up login credentials (username/password) by creating an account, if they haven’t already. Once verified, NTEA will email direct confirmation of account activation.

Learn more and access the calculator at ntea.com/weightcalculator.


Contact NTEA’s team with any questions at info@ntea.com or 800-441-6832.