Frontal area and curb weight limitations

NTEA receives inquiries as new model work trucks arrive in shops and OEMs note maximum frontal area and curb weight limitations for various light chassis models to which these limits apply. Members are looking for the most current specifications, which impact various upfits.

While OEMs publish restrictions in a variety of places, all vehicles have a vehicle emission control information label placed under the hood, as required by Environmental Protection Agency. This label includes frontal area and weight information. Many chassis manufacturers also put details in their body builder books and IVDs to allow upfitters time to properly plan product offerings. When calculating frontal area, include the cab, mirrors and tires on the chassis in addition to the body and equipment

Important info

  • Ford has frontal area and completed vehicle weight restrictions based on engine and gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) on various F-Series, Transit and E-Series incomplete vehicles. IVDs identifying limitations for current and previous model years are accessible by visiting Ford QVM Bulletins with the latest limitations for these models are offered at These values may be included in applicable chassis-specific sections of body builder layout books (BBLB), but it’s important to note QVM bulletins are typically published to provide information before it’s incorporated in BBLB.
  • GM has frontal area and completed vehicle weight restrictions for Colorado/Canyon, C/K and G-Van incomplete vehicles, available by model. Additional C/K information is housed in the Special Applications – Pickup Box Removal section of the body builder book for a given model year. Access 2021 model information.
  • Ram offers frontal area and completed vehicle weight restrictions for 2021 RAM and ProMaster chassis in their respective IVDs.
  • Isuzu offers a maximum frontal area calculator tool for NPR and NPR Eco-Max under the Body Builders tab at