NTEA updates MVP criteria

This article was originally published in the January 2021 NTEA News.

NTEA enhanced its Member Verification Program (MVP) qualification requirements, effective Jan. 1, 2021, for first-time applicants. Companies renewing MVP status will not need to comply with changes until Jan. 1, 2022.

Introduced in 2005, the program acknowledges companies leading the work truck industry to excellence. Fleet managers, truck dealers and OEMs know truck equipment distributors, upfitters and manufacturers with MVP status have implemented specific business and quality standards and comply with federal regulations. Members can also utilize MVP as a business improvement tool to help develop or enhance basic business practices.

It’s important to note this is not a program under which NTEA certifies participants comply with applicable laws and regulations or build safe vehicles. MVP provides a mechanism for companies to demonstrate they have met standards established by an industry association and strive to maintain a high level of operating principles.

In keeping with NTEA’s goal to continuously increase program value, the Association adjusted MVP standards to ensure qualification criteria best reflect the current business environment. Changes include expansion of a required post-sales program criterion (previously optional); expanded educational credit hour requirements; and removal of optional criteria selections.

Post-sales process enhancements focus on

  • Documentation provided as part of the vehicle delivery process (operator manuals, warranty cards, warranty policy information, body and equipment details, etc.)
  • Customer post-sale follow-up — including whether the product meets expectations, repair history (if any), warranty needs, etc. — in both near-delivery (approximately 30 days) and extended-use time periods (typically annually) to help ensure customer satisfaction and identify beneficial product enhancements

Education criteria have been adjusted to necessitate 10% of required training hours to be NTEA-based. MVP applicants can choose from a variety of Association offerings, including online training courses, events and webinars.

MVP is divided into two specific application categories. The first — Criteria A — is designed for distributors as well as manufacturers that complete vehicles by installing bodies and equipment on trucks, chassis, chassis cutaways or stripped chassis. The second category — Criteria B — is for manufacturers of bodies and equipment that do not install finished products on a vehicle. These companies sell their products to a distributor or other type of upfitter for installation onto a vehicle. 

Criteria A and B share common qualification requirements involving quality assurance, product liability insurance, certified employees, shop safety program, post-sales customer follow-up and education. There are also specific requirements unique to each industry segment. For instance, Criteria A requires proof of registration with National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and copies of five properly completed certification labels for companies with vehicle certification responsibilities. Criteria B, for body and equipment manufacturers, requires a written warranty program, and installation and operating instructions.

Current NTEA distributor and manufacturer members can apply for MVP status at any time. There is no charge — NTEA underwrites the program cost as part of an ongoing effort to enhance core competencies of its members. Once qualified, companies receive MVP status for a three-year term. To renew, they must again document compliance, ensuring their ongoing commitment to professionalism, industry knowledge and high performance.

Learn more and apply at ntea.com/mvp.