Weight Distribution Fundamentals Course

Proper weight distribution is key to maximizing both the life of the work truck and its return on investment. As part of our ongoing commitment to helping work truck industry companies and professionals achieve excellence, NTEA offers a new online training program - Weight Distribution Fundamentals.

This course is available to NTEA members and nonmembers, and is designed for truck equipment salespeople, truck dealers, truck equipment designers and specification writers, truck leasing company professionals, and work truck fleet managers and fleet specification developers.

Training modules cover step-by-step topics designed to provide insights, strategies and tactics to advance your knowledge of all aspects of weight distribution, including: 

  • Basic Principles 
  • Weight Distribution Relative to Trucks 
  • Center-of-Gravity and Moments 
  • Maximum Net Payload Analysis 
  • Center-of-Gravity Analysis 
  • Weight Distribution and Axle Loading Analysis 
  • Basic WT&CG Spreadsheet 
  • ULTRAMOD for Adding Axles 
  • Other Calculation Tools



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