Preparing our industry for the future

Tina Albright
NTEA Board Chair
Vice President – Human Relations & Safety
(Lake Crystal, Minnesota)

This article was published in the September 2022 edition of NTEA News.

I’ve talked about the idea of “sharpening the saw” in previous articles and how education and training provide value to our members, their companies and the commercial vehicle industry itself. As a human relations professional, I know the importance of training in the workplace, and during my time on the NTEA Board, I have been a champion of the educational programs the Association provides for its members and the work truck community. One program I’m especially excited about is the Work Truck Industry Welder Certification Program, developed in collaboration with Lincoln Electric and NC3, which launched in the spring with its first Train-the-Trainer course. The second session will be held this fall, so I wanted to share how industry companies can participate in the program, ultimately developing their employees to meet the future needs of their organizations and our industry.

What is the Work Truck Industry Welder Certification Program?
This initiative provides industry businesses with access to a consistent training curriculum they can utilize to train welders within their organizations. Included is the Train-the-Trainer course for companies that apply and are admitted to the program. Lincoln Electric will provide curriculum material and prepare individuals selected by their employers to become program trainers in their workplaces. Ultimately, they will be able to conduct welder training, testing and certification of other employees in their organization.

When is the next Train-the-Trainer session?
Registration is open for the next Train-the-Trainer course, scheduled Nov. 8–10, 2022, at Lincoln Electric Welding Technology and Training Center in Cleveland, Ohio.

How does my company get started in the program?
Companies interested in participating will begin by

  • Completing the LEEPS for NTEA Program Application and submitting it to NC3.
  • Designating and registering at least one individual to attend an upcoming Train-the-Trainer program.

Upon earning a Train-the-Trainer certificate of completion, these individuals will have the ability to train, mentor and certify other employees at their companies. Following the Train-the-Trainer program, NC3 will provide ongoing support, including a sample implementation plan that companies use to build their programs for their workplace.

Where can I access more information?
Visit to learn more about the program.