NTEA’s Propane Truck Builders Association reviews and addresses regulations affecting members

This article was published in the May 2020 edition of NTEA News.

Propane Truck Builders Association (PTBA), an NTEA affiliate division since 2007, represents the propane truck builder industry. It was formed to promote and serve common interests of propane truck builders in the development and use of safe, efficient propane delivery vehicles.

PTBA members must meet stringent regulatory requirements in the building, inspection and repair of these hazardous-material vehicles. The group reviews and addresses the amount and complexity of federal government regulations with which propane truck builders must comply and brings a unified industry response to regulatory initiatives and proposals companies need to meet. In addition, PTBA helps propane truck buyers stay informed regarding regulatory compliance issues and the importance of using qualified builders and repair facilities. 

Member companies work with chassis manufacturers to best meet their customers’ needs, including on spec’ development for propane-powered chassis used in delivery segments.

PTBA member companies are considered essential services in COVID-19 support and response efforts as their customers use the vehicles they build to deliver propane to the energy sector.

Learn more at ntea.com/ptba or contact Bob Raybuck, NTEA director of technical services, at bob@ntea.com.