NTEA’s VBMD promotes shop safety, facility compliance

This article was published in the August 2020 edition of NTEA News.

Van Body Manufacturers Division (VBMD) was formed in 1992. Its mission is to provide a neutral forum that fosters open communication among active members, suppliers and chassis OEMs on design and manufacturing matters relating to the work truck industry. The group typically meets annually in conjunction with The Work Truck Show®.

VBMD’s main focus is keeping up-to-date with chassis and regulatory changes to help forecast effects on future vehicle products. The group regularly includes chassis OEM liaison personnel in its meetings. Frontal area limitations and vehicle size and weight limits are also frequently reviewed by VBMD members in specification discussions with end-users.

Other areas of interest include commonality of chassis electrical connections and shop safety and facility compliance during manufacturing operations involving compressed natural gas/liquefied petroleum gas/electric-powered chassis.

Learn more at ntea.com/vbmd or contact Steve Spata, NTEA technical assistance director, at steves@ntea.com.