NTEA’s MSRC: A resource for manufacturers seeking field sales support

This article was published in the October 2020 edition of NTEA News.

In the North American truck equipment industry, most manufacturers sell their products through distribution channels. For some, though, all sales are direct, while others opt for a mix of direct and distributor sales.

How do manufacturers establish and maintain relationships with the end users of their products? Manufacturers sales representatives can provide a solution. Like distributors, manufacturers sales representatives add value as a result of their knowledge of customers within a particular geographic region. Essentially, sales representatives can be a company’s outside salesforce.

From the perspective of manufacturers that choose to establish a contractual relationship with a sales representative, they are working with a partner, not an employee. This can be advantageous in terms of cost. The sales representative is responsible for human resource issues such as health care, and manages all documentation related to local, state and federal taxes.

MSRC is an NTEA affiliate division organized for the sole purpose of providing a resource for NTEA manufacturer members seeking field sales support. MSRC members are vetted for their expertise and skillsets unique to the work truck industry. To connect with an MSRC member, visit ntea.com/msrc.

MSRC members typically represent multiple product lines covering a wide range of products sold into the work truck market. As a result, sales representatives are exposed to multiple application markets. The knowledge base gained from such broad exposure offers a level of technical expertise that extends beyond any one specific product. Other attributes of MSRC members include

  • Cultural familiarity (generally live in the region)
  • High frequency of customer contact
  • Long-established relationships

Learn more at ntea.com/msrc or email Steve Latin-Kasper, NTEA senior director of market data and research, at stevelk@ntea.com.