A conference built for and by the work truck industry

By Doyle Sumrall, NTEA Managing Director
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This article was published in the January 2020 edition of NTEA News.

As an industry, I believe we are continually seeking productivity improvement options. During most of my conversations with folks from the commercial vehicle community, we discuss demands on their time, the search for more skilled labor and the need to find better ways to accomplish tasks. This feedback was the basis for introducing Manufacturer and Distributor Innovation Conference at The Work Truck Show® 2019. As this event enters its second year, a new lineup of experts will present sessions on how technology and best practices drive business success.

Following last year’s conference, we carefully reviewed attendee feedback, which indicated the combination of real-world NTEA member company experiences and insights from industry thought leaders is a winning formula. This year, we’re following that approach across the board. In addition, there was a high level of interest in subjects like automation, employee training and computer business systems. The 2020 program features sessions on all of these top-of-mind subjects.

What you’ll learn
Paul Akers, founder and president of FastCap LLC and author of 2 Second Lean, will deliver the keynote address and emcee this year’s conference. He will share strategies for achieving continuous improvement and innovation with lean thinking.

Identifying the need for an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system was a key topic at the 2019 Show. This year, we’re tackling ERP selection, as two NTEA member company leaders with firsthand experience detail their journeys and insights gained along the way. In addition, two leading industry suppliers will share what they have learned helping hundreds of businesses through the process.

NTEA is continuing collaborations on developing a welder training program for the industry. During Building and Validating Work-Ready Welders for Your Shop, attendees will gain details on this offering, including the hands-on training approach that delivers work-ready welders and how to improve weld quality and productivity.

Many businesses are dealing with change, and it often helps to hear how peers have managed major shifts in their organizations. Three NTEA member company leaders will share their unique experiences during Managing Organizational Change. You don’t often have the opportunity to get the inside story, so this will be an insightful session to attend.

Standing out from the crowd is a key business driver. Three NTEA members will share their companies’ value propositions and approaches to market. Discover how a clearly defined mission and offerings as well as employee empowerment can make a difference.

Learn more at worktruckshow.com/innovationconference.