WALTCO launches WDV Railgates connected with HiConnect


WALTCO (Streetsboro, Ohio) announced all new WALTCO WDV railgates ordered from Sept. 1 and beyond will have HiConnect™ connectivity as a standard feature with one year of access already included. This enables WALTCO WDV customers to utilize real time data and notifications to improve safety, reduce downtime and increase productivity throughout their fleets.

“By introducing connectivity as standard on the WDV railgate series from September of this year, all new units can access our HiConnect services,” says Dan Knechtel, Product Manager, Waltco.

HiConnect enables customers with connected Waltco equipment to receive insights to improve safety and utilization as well as keep track of service needs based on actual usage. The information is available in real time and the portal can be accessed on PCs, smartphones and tablets.

HiConnect Premium provides access to data details such as fleet trends and operational insights, a live map of the fleet, upcoming maintenance dates based on actual usage and equipment operation times which gives the customer better control and visibility of their operations.

The WALTCO WDV series consists of premium heavy-duty railgates preferred by many premium brands operating in the food and beverage sector. The railgates are proven to be reliable and durable with many used intensively for over ten years.

The most common cause of unplanned downtime for railgates is battery failure. HiConnect prevents this by sending alerts to fleet managers about deteriorations in battery health before they result in a costly road call. Further uptime can be secured as it suggests preventative maintenance programs based on actual usage rather than time.

Dan Knechtel adds, “This is an exciting and important step for WALTCO. HiConnect will help our customers to unlock greater value from our products and help improve safety and productivity over the lifecycle of the product.”

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