VISTA Manufacturing celebrates 40 years


VISTA Manufacturing (Elkhart, Indiana) celebrates 40 years in business in 2019. In 1979, Jim Tieszen, who was in the motorcycle distribution industry and is one of the founders of VISTA Manufacturing, noticed the “strip lighting” on touring motorcycles. Tieszen asked his brother, Dwayne, to design and manufacture parts to sell in other areas. What started in the basement of Dwayne’s house in Wichita, Kansas, eventually grew into a global lighting manufacturer and distributor.

Since 1981, VISTA has called Elkhart, Indiana, home as the area offers a diverse industry base, with manufacturing alone comprising 38 percent of the workforce. As VISTA enters their 40th year of business, their focus of fulfilling their mission of glorifying God by being a blessing to their employees, customers and suppliers through solution-oriented products and services continues to be the company’s number one goal. VISTA also continues to innovate beautiful and functional lighting solutions across all their served industries including appliance, architectural, aviation, emergency, marine, recreational, auto aftermarket and more.

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