Utility Equipment Service, Inc. announces new partnership with Sage Oil Vac


Utility Equipment Service Inc. (UES) (Spring Hill, Tennessee) announced a new dealership agreement with Sage Oil Vac (Amarillo, Texas), effective October 9, 2017. Both parties are extremely excited about this announcement and have already hit the grounding running for what seems to be a dynamic product line for a heavy, local market in need of mobile lube equipment.

Sage Oil Vac is a patented, pump-free design that allows for better and cleaner fluid exchange to any of your equipment. Whether it’s oil or hydraulic fluid, this system is faster, safer, cleaner, more economical, and more versatile than any other mobile lube equipment on the market today. UES will be representing the entire line of Sage Oil Vac products including the lube truck, lube trailer, and lube skid line. All of these unique product lines can help your fleet of trucks or your large equipment needs on-site.

“UES has always valued our services to be wherever the customer needs us to be. That’s why we are impressed and eager to share this great product with our existing customers and new customers in the future,” said William Morstad, sales representative, UES. “This partnership fits perfectly with what we do and that’s why both companies saw this as an absolute must. The versatility of this system is what makes it a must-have for fleets or companies with large equipment. You can take it with you to a job site for on-site fluid changes or you can use it at your headquarters for trucks or equipment in-house."

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