Utility Equipment Service, Inc. and Switch-N-Go start new distributorship


Utility Equipment Service, Inc. (UES) (Spring Hill, Tennessee) announced a new distributorship agreement with Switch-N-Go (Hadley, Pennsylvania) effective March 28, 2018. UES is built around products that allow you to do more with less and Switch-N-Go does just that. 

With increased productivity using the unique, service-proven Switch-N-Go hoist system on just a single chassis, you can quickly interchange different Switch-N-Go work bodies several times a day with just one operator. From bodies that range from dump, dumpster, chipper, storage, and even service, the diverse bodies allow the customer to have multiple jobs at multiple locations with just one truck. UES is a fully stocking distributor for Switch-N-Go.

“We’ve been exploring and watching Switch-N-Go for years and waiting for the right time to allow us to fully service this incredible line of interchangeable truck body systems,” said Bill Cheek, new equipment sales manager, UES. “The first time we saw their system demonstrated to us, we were sold. The simplicity of operation but yet the amount of different jobs you can do with one system is really going to be a game-changer for our customers and markets here in Tennessee and beyond.”

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