United Truck Bodies develops new safety and stability improvements for 2020


United Truck Bodies (UTB) (Phoenix, Arizona) unveiled the new safety features and improvements for its utility bodies in 2020. Taking into account customer’s needs, they added some extra necessary components that will assure buyers’ confidence in their products.

With safety and customer satisfaction being the number one priority, the following are new standard features they have combined to their already quality bodies. By this standard, UTB has added a new safety feature to their utility body compartment doors. This feature is an internal lock bar that keeps all compartment doors locked even when the individual compartment doors are unlocked. This ensures an important and extra safety aspect for workers.

Other improvements include stainless steel fender trim which protects the utility body from flying road debris. Standard gas shocks ensure safety on the road by supporting moving masses while controlling the system’s motion. This is an important feature that makes sure that each truck body stays balanced on the road.


For more information, visit unitedtruckbodies.com.

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