Truck-Lite partners with NanoMech Industries


Truck-Lite Co. LLC (Falconer, New York) announced its exclusive partnership with NanoMech Industries, a world leader in nanotechnology innovation. According to NanoMech, their nanomanufacturing processes take advantage of the novel properties of nano-scale materials (down to one billionth of a meter) to produce products that provide higher performance in many areas, including lubricants, dielectric materials, corrosion protection and other innovative compounds. Repeatable, reproducible and reliable nanomanufacturing processes are at the heart of NanoMech's next-generation product innovations.

The basis for this innovation is NanoMech's patented and patents-pending nGlide® platform technologies. nGlide nano-engineered formulations eradicate corrosion, provide enhanced barriers to moisture, dielectric protection and water washout resistance and reduce friction by orders of magnitude over traditional commodity products. This innovation so dramatically outperforms conventional and nano-particle based technologies that nGlide-based products virtually render all others obsolete.

"Our solutions are made possible by a powerful mechanical systems lens through which we view both present needs and future opportunities," said James M. Phillips, chairman and CEO, NanoMech. "NanoMech aims to revolutionize trucking performance, efficiency and sustainability. Our goal is to always out-science everyone else while working closely with industry leaders such as Truck-Lite."

Through its long-term partnership with NanoMech, Truck-Lite will introduce an exciting new series of Nano™ line products, specially designed to provide a vastly improved level of performance-increasing resistance to electrical malfunction, corrosion and oxidation. Both Truck-Lite and NanoMech are vigilant and keenly aware of the significant threat that electrical system corrosion poses to the medium and heavy-duty trucking industries globally.
"Truck-Lite understands that the desire of the fleet is to find products that can last the life of the vehicle, and Truck-Lite's new Nano product family moves us a giant step closer to achieving that goal," said Brad Van Riper, senior vice president and chief technology officer, Truck-Lite. "Our agreement with NanoMech will allow us to offer a superior level and customer-focused product line to the industry."

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