SuperSprings announces new search engine


SuperSprings International (Carpinteria, California) announced the SuperSprings Product Finder, a new search engine to help distributors, upfitters and end-user customers research and see all the front and rear suspension upgrade options available.  It is easily accessible from the home page of the SuperSprings website at

A simple vehicle year/make/model search provides images and part numbers for all front and rear suspension options. Clicking on a particular image will display the details for that product, including capacity, installation instructions and warranty information.

“We found that too often a distributor who was researching a rear suspension upgrade for a customer did not realize that a front suspension upgrade was also available, and vice versa,” said Mike Visser, president, SuperSprings International. “They ended up ordering the burger, without knowing about the fries and soda that completed the meal, so to speak. So we built the SuperSprings Product Finder to make it easy for our customers to see all the front and rear suspension upgrade options available for any vehicle, in one place.”  

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