SuperSprings International launches SuperSprings and Coil SumoSprings for Ram ProMaster vans


SuperSprings International Inc. (Carpinteria, California) introduced SuperSprings (SSA11) for the rear and Coil SumoSprings (CSS-1195) for the front of 2015-2017 RAM ProMaster vans. The RAM ProMaster vans boast a best-in-class cargo width and cargo height in the Class 2 Commercial Van Segment. SuperSprings SSA11 levels the heavy loads carried by these vans and reduces dangerous body roll. Coil SumoSprings CSS-1195 help to reduce sway and dip in the front end. The combination of the SSA11 and CSS-1195 results in tighter and more controllable handling, safer level loads, and reduced wear and tear on original components.

“It is not uncommon for these cargo vans to carry payloads approaching max capacity. Although the vans carry the loads, the associated sag and exaggerated sway puts drivers in a dangerous position. We are proud to offer an innovative suspension solution to enhance the original components, providing a safer ride and reduced overall cost of ownership,” said Mike Visser, president, SuperSprings International Inc.
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