Muncie Power Products announces new snow and ice control solution


Muncie Power Products (Muncie, Indiana) announced the launch of the new Omni-System™ and Omni-System™ Plus as snow and ice control solutions.

The Omni-System is a mid-level solution for snow and ice control vehicles.

Providing the ultimate balance amongst performance, economy, convenience, and safety, the new controller is intuitive and extremely easy to set up and operate. Utilizing CAN BUS communication between the in-cab controls and hydraulic valves, minimal conductors are required to be routed external to the cab. Sales Director – Technology Sales Group Randy Fowler said, “Due to the corrosive nature of deicing agents, eliminating wires, and wire bundles is critical to reliable and failsafe operation.”

Building upon the Omni-System predecessor, the new controller maintains a similar tactile and easy-to-use layout, yet includes a number of developments. Group Manager – Technology Solutions Group Kevin Woehler said, “The new controller will be paired with an enhanced hydraulic setup, which will support flow sharing among functions and optimum motion control. Users will notice more responsive and smoother operation.”

The Omni-System™ Plus is equipped with the latest technologies to meet a variety of snow and ice applications including V-body and tailgate spreaders, anti-ice systems, tow plow setups, directional spinner systems, and more. With the capability of interchanging bodies on the fly with the Omni-System Plus controller, fleet managers are able to optimize their fleet utilization.

The Omni-System Plus Controller is equipped with a capacitive 7" touch display, powered with NXP’s IMX-6 high performance processor. The larger touchscreen and processor provides vivid, easy-to-read graphics for snow and ice operation which allows the driver to keep their focus on the road.

Additionally, the controller is equipped with STM processor technology based on the ARM cortex M4. Embedded Engineering Manager Kevin Wijesekera said, “The hardware upgrade has easily increased our processing power by four times.” The hardware overhaul allows Muncie Power to roll out additional features such as camera inputs, video playback for operator training purposes, and more.

With safety in mind, Group Manager – Technology Solutions Group Kevin Woehler said, “Muncie Power gathered feedback from our customer base and looked at numerous design paths. We ultimately decided to maintain the tactile controls for optimum operator safety. While the full touch solutions are novel, Muncie Power’s tactical approach keeps the operator’s eyes on the road.”

Building upon the Omni-System Plus predecessor, the new controller is also equipped with remote diagnostic capabilities. Being an emergency vehicle, the remote diagnostic support application allows Muncie Power to provide immediate technical support without being on-site. Woehler said, “The diagnostic application on the controller provides unparalleled customer support. Our engineering team has the ability to observe all critical system information and remotely support our customers when they launch the application from the controller. From resetting a passcode, to increasing actuator speeds, or diagnosing an issue, we can tune in and help immediately.”

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