Morgan Olson’s Virginia plant delivering jobs and step vans on time, as promised


Morgan Olson (Sturgis, Michigan) took ownership of the Ringgold, Virginia, plant in March 2020, and announces the facility is now fully operational as an automotive manufacturing facility. 

There are not many businesses, during the COVID-19 pandemic, that are building new plants and providing meaningful, long-term career opportunities. Morgan Olson’s step vans are in demand more than ever, delivering essential supplies and services. 

Morgan Olson President & CEO Mike Ownbey said, “The step vans we make are delivering life-saving medical supplies to hospitals and homes. Our step vans also deliver food and water to people’s doorstep. Even our municipality step vans are hard at work, providing cities with infrastructure support to power and gas companies all across our nation. Now add that the vast majority of anything ordered online- are being delivered by Morgan Olson package delivery step vans. Morgan Olson is growing, and this new Ringgold, Virginia, plant is essential to supporting to these many needs.”

Morgan Olson is also ahead of its goal of employing 703 new team members at the Ringgold, Virginia plant by the end of 2021, currently employing over 300 new team members.  “We’re hiring new team members every week, and I’d encourage anyone that wants a stable job, that can show up to work on time – work their hours responsibly and not be afraid of getting their hands a little dirty to please apply at Morgan Olson,” Ownbey concluded. 

Morgan Olson’s strong partnership with the Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP) and the Southern Virginia Regional Alliance (SVRA) also contributed greatly to achieving this timeline goal.

“We applaud Morgan Olson for accomplishing its mission to start production on time, and for hiring more than 300 workers since the October announcement—a major feat at any point, and even more so during a global pandemic,” said Secretary of Commerce and Trade Brian Ball. “An industry leader like Morgan Olson choosing Danville-Pittsylvania County after a nation-wide search demonstrates that the investments the region has made to revitalize itself, particularly in regard to developing a pipeline of skilled workers, are paying off. The company’s commitment to hiring, increasing opportunities for individuals and uplifting the community is impressive, and we are proud to have Morgan Olson as a corporate partner.”

Linda Green, Executive Director of the Southern Virginia Regional Alliance shares, “In a short period of time, Morgan Olson has exceeded all original commitments while providing career opportunities for local employees and changing the future economy of our region. Each of us can smile when we see a package delivery step van traveling down the street knowing it may have been made in Danville, Virginia,” concludes Green.

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