J&J Truck Bodies and Trailers granted U.S. Patent


J&J Truck Bodies & Trailers (Somerset, Pennsylvania) announced they have been awarded Patent. No. US 9,643,526 B2 for their horizontal ejection technology, designed for use in trucks treating snow and ice on roadways and in commercial paving applications.

About the truck
The J&J body, called the Horizontal Ejector (HE), incorporates an ejector ram, which is installed in the bed of the truck which eliminates the risks associated with overhead obstacles, reduces driver distraction, has a low center of gravity, and prevents roll overs that can occur from raising a dump body in unsafe conditions. Some of the most significant features are the J&J DynaControl® hydraulic system with AutoFeed, the hydraulic double-acting high lift gate tailgate, and the J&J AWAREcamera system. AutoFeed automatically moves the load forward when the spreader is low on material, allowing the operator to focus on plowing. The double acting tailgate allows for simple removal of frozen chunks of anti-skid in snow and ice applications. The J&J AWAREcamera system allows operators to see the position and operation of the ejector inside the body and visibility behind the truck when operating in reverse.

Mike Riggs, senior vice president, J&J Truck Bodies & Trailers, stated, "We engaged numerous large state and mu- nicipal fleets in our market research, design, and testing process and we are confident the patented technol- ogy will play a major role in future winter road maintenance and commercial paving. It's a lower cost, easier- to-maintain solution compared to other conveyor/auger bodies currently on the market."

J&J Truck Bodies & Trailers first introduced the Horizontal Ejector (HE) truck body in 2016 at The Work Truck Show® in Indianapolis, Indiana. Since then, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation deployed a fleet of ejectors in early 2017 along with purchases by several other large municipal fleets.

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