InterMotive offers total vehicle security with new cabinet lock alarm system


InterMotive Vehicle Controls (Auburn, California) 
developed Lock Boss™, a security product designed to lock vehicle cabinets and tool boxes using the OEM fob. The system has an alarm feature that activates if the cabinet is opened without the fob. Lock Boss also alerts users if a cabinet is ajar and offers a discrete silence button.

"Now users can easily and efficiently handle total vehicle security without the hassle of multiple keys or fobs," says Greg Schafer, President of InterMotive.

The system is easily installed with plug and play connections to the OEM chassis and a flying lead to the cabinet door switches. The new security product is currently available for RAM 2500-5500 vehicles, with Ford and GM solutions coming soon.

InterMotive products can be purchased from builders, upfitters, dealers and InterMotive’s master distributer, LGS Group.

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