InterMotive energized with new HQ solar installation


InterMotive Vehicle Controls (Auburn, California) is proud to announce the installation of a rooftop solar panel system to provide clean electricity for the company’s headquarters. Not only will this allow InterMotive to cover its electrical needs, but also to generate energy back to the community.

“We are committed to practicing what we preach,” said InterMotive President Greg Schafer. “Going solar is another way for us promote eco-friendly choices.” The company is also replacing all fluorescent lights with energy-saving LEDs throughout the building and plans to continue exploring more ways to reduce its carbon footprint.

As a leading manufacturer of green technology for commercial vehicles, InterMotive features automatic stop/start idle reduction systems like EcoStar III. This configurable product can drastically cut a vehicle’s idling time, saving fuel and ultimately reducing harmful emissions.

InterMotive’s engineering team is currently working on a solar panel upgrade to pair with EcoStar III, offering a renewable green solution for buses, work trucks and other vehicles that tend to idle for an extended period.

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