Austin Hardware & Supply, Inc. introduces Flexi-Vent


Austin Hardware & Supply, Inc. (Lee's Summit, Missouri) released a new corrosion-resistant, universal, flexible cowl vent called the Flex-Vent. The Flex-Vent is an improvement on the basic design of many cowl vents on the market today. Austin’s engineering team designed the Flex-Vent to eliminate 3 significant problems with the most cowl vent designs.

The Flex-Vent has a rubber base allowing it to flex and mount to the contours of the automotive inspired designs used today in the Emergency Vehicle industry. Austin engineers also designed a mesh filter into the base which eliminates an additional component for the installer to manage. Finally, the Flexi-Vent was designed with a hose adapter that allows for TWO hose sizes commonly used with cowl vents, instead of just one.

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