Aeroz America's FuelScoop reduces fuel costs by 19.4%


Aeroz America (Santa Barbara, California) announced the installation of a wind-deflecting FuelScoop on the cab roof a Hino 258 box delivery truck owned by AllPro Distributing of Alabaster, Alabama. After a three-month evaluation of fuel consumption and overall performance, Mike Hess, logistic manager, AllPro Distributing, issued a report stating, “The overall ride of this truck is now considerably smoother than our other trucks that do not have the FuelScoop installed. In addition, the average fuel consumption on this truck went from 8.47mpg to 10.11mpg, an improvement of 19.4% that can only be attributed to the FuelScoop.”

“We are delighted with the improved truck handling, fuel savings and the reduction in our fleet costs,” added Hess.

“We welcome and appreciate the opportunity to work with forward thinking fleet owners and managers whose focus and responsibility includes their company bottom line as well as the environmental impact of reducing fossil fuel consumption and carbon emissions,” said Mike Visser, CEO, Aeroz America.

Aeroz Products has been involved in the development, manufacturing and distribution of medium duty commercial truck aerodynamics since 1983 during which time their products have saved customers tens of millions of dollars in reduced fuel and maintenance costs.

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