Aeroz America Fuelscoop reduces fuel costs by 27% for Davenport Transportation


Aeroz America (Santa Barbara, California) 
installed a wind-deflecting FuelScoop on the cab of a Hino 268 dry-freight box truck in May 2020 owned by Davenport Transportation of Blairsville, Georgia. 

After a one-month evaluation of fuel consumption and overall performance, Tony Smith, Fleet Manager at Davenport, provided the following fuel consumption data. In the month prior to the FuelScoop installation the truck was driven 6,370 miles while using 698 gallons of fuel at an average consumption of 9.12 miles per gallon. In the month after the FuelScoop was installed, the same truck, travelling the same routes with the same loads, was driven 6,868 miles while using 593 gallons of fuel at an average consumption of 11.58 miles per gallon; recording savings of 27% in fuel economy.

“With the FuelScoop installed, the truck has considerably more power, better overall handling and a smoother ride.  We were blown away by the 27% fuel savings and plan on installing more of this product on our fleet” said Smith.

“We appreciate the opportunity to work with forward thinking fleet owners and managers who’s focus includes both their company bottom line and the environmental impact of reducing greenhouse gas emissions through fossil fuel savings” said Mike Visser, CEO of Aeroz America.

Aeroz Products has been involved in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of medium duty commercial truck aerodynamics since 1983 during which time their products have saved customers tens of millions of dollars in reduced fuel and maintenance costs.

FuelScoop (dry freight) and FridgeScoop (reefer trucks) models are available for many Isuzu, Hino, Mitsubishi, Mercedes Sprinter, Freightliner, and International medium duty box trucks.

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