ASA Electronics introduces Voyager rear light camera combo


ASA Electronics (Elkhart, Indiana) introduced the newest addition to the Voyager product line that combines an additional rear light bar with an analog high definition camera for one seamless installation. The single-pass wire entry and surface mount design make the Voyager® VCAHD140LB Light Bar Camera a universal option for use as an added warning light. The single wire for both the camera and light can be tied into the vehicle’s existing electrical wiring.

The VCAHD140LB is compliant with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 108 for automotive lighting. The Light Bar Camera is constructed with automotive grade polycarbonate and is corrosion resistant and waterproof with an IP68 rating.

The camera uses high performance color optics and IR low-light assist to capture a crisp, clear, high-resolution picture. The built-in microphone helps to provide more driver awareness. The VCAHD140LB is compatible with all wired Voyager® monitors to create a full observation system.

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