ASA Electronics develops new replacement rearview mirror monitor


ASA Electronics (Elkhart, Indiana) launched the latest Voyager Replacement Rearview Mirror Monitor, making changing lanes, merging into traffic, and backing-up more manageable. Real-time, crystal-clear images of your vehicle’s blind spots are displayed right on your rearview mirror via a digital signal. The new Voyager® VOM74MM uses a highly-reflective screen that acts as a mirror when the monitor is not active. The VOM74MM will replace the Voyager® VOM73MM to be used in place of the standard OEM option in Light, Medium and Heavy Duty vehicle applications.

The improved robust design of the VOM74MM makes it ideal for commercial vehicle use. The new tactical control buttons along the bottom of the monitor screen enhance the user experience. The tactical control buttons make it easier to manually change camera source selection and adjust the picture. The monitor includes a 7-inch TFT LCD screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio. It supports three camera inputs for rear and side camera applications. The monitor can be powered manually or automatically triggered by 12VDC power. The Voyager® mirror monitor works with all Voyager® cameras and is a perfect replacement option for rearview mirrors on Ford, GM, Dodge and Sprinter Chassis.

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