ASA Electronics celebrates 40th anniversary


ASA Electronics (Elkhart, Indiana) is celebrating 40 years since they opened their doors in the heart of the RV world in Elkhart, Indiana. Over the last four decades, ASA has earned a sterling reputation developing electronics designed to handle specialty markets including RV, marine, commercial, and heavy duty applications, and they’re continuing to build on that legacy.

“Although we did start out as a distributor, we became frustrated by the major electronics companies’ lax attitudes about developing products specifically for our target markets. So, by the mid-80s we started to develop our own designs and engineered solutions,” said Tom Irions, founder and CEO, ASA Electronics. “Fast forward to today, we sell into several recreational and commercial markets under our own seven brand names. Our goal has always been to have the best engineered solutions for our customers. That quest continues to this day and will remain in the future.”

Through the years, that quest has included partnerships with trusted names like SiriusXM Satellite Radio, Harley-Davidson, and Klipsch as well as up-and-comers in the mobile technology field like XKGLOW.

“I’m very proud of how ASA has evolved into a world class technology company. We have always been fully committed to meeting the very specific needs of our customers and that’s what keeps us on top of our game,” said ASA Electronics President Brent Barrow. “Our customer base spans several diverse markets with different wants and needs, and this has challenged us to design, engineer, and manufacture more sophisticated and complex products for those customers. That’s a challenge we meet and exceed time and time again, thanks to our very talented and dedicated team and top notch management in every department.”

ASA Electronics continues to create products that seamlessly integrate the convenience of modern technology into the camping experience. This is evident in the latest generation of their iN∙Command Control Systems and completely redesigned line of JENSEN® wallmount stereos, offering industry first features and a focus on App Control.

“We’re a company that has always been very focused on improving technology and thinking ahead to what RV owners – and end users in every industry, really – want and need from the technology we’re giving them,” said RV Industry Manager Jim Hess. “That’s how we’ve stayed in business for 40 years and we’re committed to keep pushing forward with innovative technology in the future.”

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