Zorg North America announces new product


Zorg North America (Raleigh, North Carolina) announced the release of part #4220, 3rd Brake Lamp LVDS Camera Relocation kit.

Ford, GM, and RAM trucks with 360 view, High Definition Screens, and higher trim level packages now come equipped with a digital camera. A digital camera can be identified by the coaxial cable used to connect to it. This kit allows the upfitter to either remove the camera from the tailgate or use a new OEM camera and relocate it to a chassis body. The kit includes a 15’ LVDS Extension cable and all parts needed to complete the job. Zorg also stocks all OEM Cameras and can supply them as part of the kit.

The 4220 Combines a DOT Compliant CHMSL (3BL) with our Universal LVDS Camera relocation kit. The kit has also been expanded to accept OEM CVBS type cameras often supplied with Chassis bodies and the Zorg 2101 Flush Mount camera, an industry standard for many years.

For more information, visit zorg-na.com.

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