Zorg North America releases LVDS Rear Camera Relocation Kit


Zorg North America (Raleigh, North Carolina) announces the release of an LVDS Rear Camera Relocation Kit for up-fitter’s and chassis builders of Ford, Ram, And GM Vehicles. 

The change in OEM cameras from CVBS (standard) to LVDS (coax style) has caused a problem for many up-fitters, topper companies, and body manufacturers. Zorg North America’s team has designed a solution. One housing will fit all of the major truck brand cameras and allows the rear tailgate camera to be relocated to a fixed location. The kit includes a 15-foot LVDS Extension cable that plugs into the vehicle camera cable at the chassis below the tailgate. This cable can then be routed to a custom location where there is space to mount the rear camera retaining the OEM rearview system.

Zorg North America also offers replacement OEM cameras for customers that do not wish to remove the camera from the tailgate. This solution is practical when a temporary need to remove the tailgate comes into play, such as a salt spreader, water pump, or other utility bed solution will be loaded onto the truck and removed again later. All major brand cameras are in stock and are available when ordering a housing kit, including the 2021 F150 application.

For more information, visit zorg-na.com.

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