Zorg North America adds Jeep Gladiator


Zorg North America (Raleigh, North Carolina) adds Jeep Gladiator to the line of plug-in harness to supply Power, Ground, and CHMSL (Brake Lamp Signal) to the rear of pickup trucks for cap and bed insert/bolt in bodies.

The Zorg PGB (Power, Ground, Brake) plug-in harness line allows customers to access up to 15 Amps of battery power (fused) and 5 Amps (fused) to drive a CHMSL lamp on a headache rack or the rear of a bed insert cap or box. A 30 Foot extension harness is also available to reach the back of the vehicle.

Harnesses are available for almost all current pickup trucks and are made to meet OEM specs with OEM connectors, wire quality, and PET Braided sleeve for under-vehicle protection.

The PGB reduces installation time, errors, and warranty claims as there are no modifications to the OEM wiring and no connection to CAN or LAN systems.

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