Work Truck Solutions strengthens commercial vehicle partnership


Work Truck Solutions (Chico, California) announced it expanded its partnership with Charlotte-based Hendrick Automotive Group to now include 30 dealership locations, further strengthening the company’s joint online presence in the commercial vehicle marketplace. With more than 1,400 trucks and vans to choose from at, the expanded partnership marks a significant uptick in vehicle search availability for Hendrick Automotive Group commercial customers.

Work Truck Solutions’ rotating inventory carousel provides customers vocational search capabilities, and once a selection is made, they see a complete price listing, with line-item costs associated with the entire purchase (original chassis, body upfit options, etc.) on a single vehicle page.

“As anyone familiar with the Hendrick Automotive Group name knows, they are a top-notch organization and we’re extremely pleased to build on our commercial business relationship with them, providing the tools they need to serve their customers,” said Work Truck Solutions CEO Kathryn Schifferle. She went on to say, “Each Hendrick Automotive Group store on our platform is including the detailed body invoice information we provide, transparently displaying increases to their base prices, providing their customers with the ‘full picture’ when searching for a commercial vehicle, and making the process of finding the right truck or van easier than ever.  And, with our group reporting, their management team can track trends, as well as details for specific markets, helping them achieve their commercial goals.”

In addition to online search tools, Work Truck Solutions gives Hendrick Automotive Group the ability to further connect with customers through a Two-Minute Prospecting tool, communicate options and offers through social media, and better understand customer origins and metrics through advanced insight tools.

“Work Truck Solutions is truly unique in what they are able to provide our commercial customers,” said Brian Johnson, Hendrick Automotive Group vice president of marketing. “Most buyers start shopping for their next vehicle online and our commercial clients are no different. By working directly with body upfit manufacturers, our Work Truck Solutions’ websites offer our clients the most detailed and accurate chassis, body and pricing information available. When you combine that with the incredible support, training and advanced prospecting metrics, Work Truck Solutions is the perfect partner for us.”

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